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Cement Test Moulds to ISO Standards (Lightweight)

Compression, Shrinkage and Sulphate Resistance testing

Brook Engineering manufactures and supplies certified moulds for making standard cement test pieces based on Australian Standards as specified below.

These test pieces are used to verify the properties of cement using a standardised method. The moulds are smaller and lighter versions, with the Sulphate mould under 5kg and the other moulds about 6kg, to improve the ergonomics of frequent handling of moulds.

Cement Mould
for Compression Testing
(AS2352.11-2006 Compression)
(Test piece size 160Lx40Wx40Hmm)

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Cement Mould
for Shrinkage Testing
and with the Inserts Removed for Compression Testing
(AS2352.13-2006 Shrinkage)
(Test piece size 148Lx40Wx40Hmm)

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Cement Mould
for Sulphate Resistance Testing
(AS2350.14-2006 Sulphate Resistance)
(Test piece size 148Lx15wx40Hmm)

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The mould designs offered differ from the examples shown in the Standards in order to make them easier and faster to use while retaining the full functionality required.

The assembly of end plates and dividers is clamped with a quick action clamping mechanism which is operated by a spanner. The spanner provides good leverage for ease of use and when removed does not interfere with the stacking of the moulds. The clamping system is also designed to uniformly load the ends of the four dividers to ensure all dividers are evenly and firmly clamped.

There are also handles and lifting points to allow the moulds to be easily picked up.

These moulds are constructed with hardened end plates and dividers for durability of the moulding surfaces. Other parts are also hardened for long term durability.

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