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Machine makes 'Mesh Mates' for spacing reinforcing mesh.

Automatic process from coil of wire involving straightening, cutting, forming, welding and plastic boot assembly to complete 'Mesh Mates', controlled by 'touch' screen.

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Click here to run 6 minute video of the Mesh Mate Machine in operation

This Machine was conceived, designed, manufactured, developed and commissioned by Brook Engineering for the Reinforcing Bar Spacer Company Pty Ltd (RBSC).

The parts produced are used in building operations throughout Australia and overseas.


This high speed Machine is PLC controlled and the operator interface is via a touch-screen system. The machine uses 6 servo axes as well as VFD controlled motors and pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Overall guarding is by a combination of mesh fencing and a light curtain for easy access of the forklift for wire coil changeover.
The Machine manufactures Mesh Mates with four legs which are used to support in place steel reinforcing mesh and bars in concrete beams and footings during the pouring of the concrete. The machine makes 50 different unit heights from 50mm to 400mm. Sizes from 50 to 100 are made from 5mm wire, sizes above 100 are made from 6.3mm wire. The wire is taken from 2.5 tonne coils mounted on electrically driven uncoiler units.

The process begins here ...

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In continuous processing by the machine the wire is straightened, cut, bent into shape, welded in pairs at 90 degrees to form the four legs and have plastic boots pushed on to the end of each leg. The finished parts are then unloaded to a conveyor from which an operator picks the parts for packing.

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Output Conveyor and Safety Enclosure
.... the process finishes here

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