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Extended Axis CNC Milling Machine

FEDSAT Electronic Housing for Aerospace

Ribbed Plastic Strip Stacking Machine

Extended Axis CNC Milling Machine
 Tenix CNC 

 A three axis CNC milling machine with an X axis travel of over five metres, incorporating a commercial CNC controller and servomotors.
[for TENIX Land Division]

FEDSAT Electronic Housng for Areospace
FEDSAT housing

A lightweight, high-rigidity housing with good thermal dissipation and specified RF isolation. Designed in Telecommunications Research.
[for VIPAC]

Ribbed Plastic Strip Stacking Machine
Foot Plate and Steering Shaft

A PLC controlled machine for stacking continuously extruded and cut, thin, 300 mm long ribbed plastic strips. The machine includes a two-stage accumulator, stack transfer and elevator systems to transfer materials to the next manufacturing process.


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